Science and Nonsense; The Crisis, with opportunity-missed

On February 6 th , Fintan O ‘Toole of the Irish Times
considered the two concepts of the scientific and the stupid ,- the nonsensical .
Being educated in Science does not preclude a reasonable and obvious good sense ,whether that be common or not is a debatable point . the two are not mutually exclusive at all .

Certainly ,as O ‘Toole remarks genomic sequencing of this newly arrived and fast mutating pathogen was made available to some insiders, before January 10th ’20 , and the word “seems” used by that writer regarding effectiveness of presently available vaccines, is advised and correct!

Now, it is all very much a wait and see situation, ontological and emergent, as educators might say -

Especially so, having due regard to the immense mutative capacity of this potentially lethal new, could have been limited ,pathogenic strain.

However, the “speed “of successful very costly jab -based management, arising from this relatively new genomic science, as referenced, may bear some revisiting and certainly ,may not turn out to be as “magical “ as named so, by O’Toole .

Perhaps , it is necessary to again refer to a less than best smart science ,around massive neglect of a very first principle of any infection control methodology ,
- that of firstly tracing it for sharp and swift containment , among people and in it’s very first places of showing .

This atrocious extant neglect here, despite sure flagging of just that for years prior to 2019 ,is simply disgraceful — and the outrageous outcome of this neglect is that a predicted new small clustered outbreak of a new pathogen, was facilitated to massively enlarged vast pandemic levels of cumulative expression, within our connected ,digitised small globalised village setting .

Definitely, the negligence s and breach of due diligence by Science, with long notified international, official others, are truly unspeakable and do not yet ,
dare to speak their own dark name, as it were .-.,

Indeed, if enough disingenuous noise is created -with some devilish luck ,the necessary can of accountability ,will be kicked further down a long road of no redress and everlasting , unhelpful collective, entrenched amnesia ,regarding wrongdoing of gross dimensions, pertaining here, in evidence .

Certainly -O’Toole is correct to say that Bill Gates did not generate the bad entity itself for the purpose of gaining big personal profit ,in new drug -based curative ,but still questionable, initiatives .

Years ago, he published a strong warning of just this genre of sure bad occurrence -if not swiftly spotted and duly contained at any ,sure to happen, nascent time and location .
-however, he clearly did not use his massive power and influence with other appropriate globalised Officialdoms ,towards putting an effective fast anticipatory scientific and security -based strategy in place ,when and as ,
the predicted sure infection -related entity showed up ,on our small interconnected globalised planet .,
— and surely this point of gross error is possibly of relevance in considerations of Science and non -science ,around all to do with this present tragic dilemma ,besetting all our days ,right now .

O ‘Toole proceeds in this worthwhile way to reference certain later reckless conduct by varying elements of our society -

-while he celebrates too, that which he names as “the valuable wisdom of crowds -”that precious balanced functioning of the middle ground , as it were.

This group may have been valuable, was it duly permitted to have its voice heard and acted upon ,later on in this tragic dilemma .
-alas !,it has no practical forum for or path leading to wise helpful action ,- however late in the day — especially ,given the bad main -stream feeble body of wrongdoings, among formal, but impoverished world leadership ,before and at the key tipping time point of autumn 2019 -
-that crucial nascent window of truly magical opportunity — which alas !,again,of course, was missed by all but the very ,very fortunate few ,truly able countries .

The chief lady medical /scientific officer of New York ( now resigned ),- spoke out seeking to exercise some firm albeit far too late leadership ,towards actual prevention in early 20/20 -she wept openly on world television as she spoke of such . — ,
that she had met with what she accurately named as “pandemic mindset “and she wondered if she might have resorted to the extreme of “ setting her hair on fire “in order to have her professional voice heard ,on the urgency and importance of taking very drastic and emergency action ,even then in that city and state !!
Alas too, her late voice was not heard and what absolutely surprised myself, was her evident lack of any clear and present emergency, ready to go mandatory, anticipatory proactive interdisciplinary strategy, -that might address the well flagged as sure to occur situation of that then presenting danger ,now practically visible and under their noses ,in that purportedly best of first world locations and sophisticated cultures!!

Yet -
It was as Nero fiddling ,as the infamous Rome burned -a nonsensical farcical bad state of governance , largely and pathetically of own ,grossly negligent unthinkable ,evil administrative making!!!

Certainly, New Yorks ‘eyes were wide shut to the immanent potential
pandemic chaos, about to break and it seems that whether the sad lady set herself on fire or not -clearly it was all too little , far too late , and has been ,virtually just as thus since , indeed !!
This great State, unlike Taiwan with some others ,went into the downward spiral of death, damage , loss and disease — their biblical lamps were not kept duly trimmed and just like Europe and Ireland, they were found massively wanting, floundering round whatever late damage limitation ,can be delivered at great compounding cost by, so called Science with others ,at present and into the dim messy ,foreseeable future .

Finally, the reasonable sensible question of first instance ,must be re- addressed -here, as to whether this entire tragic mess could and should have been avoided
- or at worst duly and diligently confined at nascent time point and place .,,
-and if so ,who ,if anyone is to be held to just account -
at all , at all — -.

-so that this unspeakable primary failure of Science in autumn 2019 and beforehand ,is not repeated again in this unspeakably nonsensical way
or in any other , similarly such way ,at all , indeed .

Angela Heavey ,
Irish -Medico -legal lawyer .

Irish Barrister